In 2017, Australia was lucky to meet Rennie Adams, one of the favourite contestants on The Voice. Grabbing the hearts of people all around Australia, Renny serenaded the country with his calming Indie tunes. As one of his many gigs, Rennie is now gracing some lucky couples on their wedding day. We recently caught up with Rennie to have a chat about what he’s been up to, and specifically how he’s bringing magic to Aussie weddings near and far. Here’s a little snippet from our chat with him.

We hope you enjoy!

The wedBooker Team xo

Renny, you had wonderful success on The Voice, can you let us know a little about what you’re up to in 2019?

Life has been busy since taking part in the television program ‘The Voice’ in 2017, I’ve recorded a new album, toured with Seal and played many shows around the globe. 2019 looks very exciting with a short trip scheduled to the US to do some writing and recording, I am also am looking forward to performing here in Australia at several weddings and corporate events that I have booked. I’m hoping to put together a national tour in the latter part of the year which should be good fun.

Why do you enjoy performing for couples and their guests? 

I have always loved performing at weddings, it’s such an honour to be a part of a couple’s ‘big day’ and I just really enjoy the whole event, always such a great vibe! Everyone is so happy and up for a good time, so whether it’s performing music for the ceremony, background tunes or getting everyone dancing at the reception, I really enjoy it all!

Tell us a little about your musical style when you perform at weddings?

My style is quite versatile. I’ve have performed Crooner tunes by Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole with a piano player all the way through to rocking ACDC at the end of the evening with a full band. I primarily play solo or as a duo performing acoustic songs adding my own twist to them. 

Other than performing, what’s your favourite way to spend your time?

Other than performing I love writing music, I have a small business called ‘The Hook’ that writes music for brands and advertisements that I am really passionate about. I also enjoy writing music for myself, always looking for that next hit song! I love getting down to the beach, road trips and am a bit of a movie buff!

What is the one song couples request most from you? 

There are a few but the most common ones would be ‘Here Comes the Sun’ by the Beatles, ‘Songbird’ by Eva Cassidy and ‘This Old Love’ by Lior

In your experience, what song gets everyone up to dance?

Recently I’ve been playing a great version of ‘Higher and Higher’ by Jackie Wilson which seems to get the dance floor humming! ‘Twist & Shout’ is always dynamite ha!


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